We are all about sustainable, ethical manufacturing

sustainable yoga activewear

Each pair of Real Yoga Gear leggings is made to order, printed, cut, and sewn after a customer places an order right here in the US with fair conditions and no needless waste.

You see, the usual way things are done in the garment industry involves Asian sweatshops, exploited labor and any unsold stock being destroyed or dumped in landfills – that’s a model we don’t believe in or support.

And we only use the best quality fabrics

yoga leggings made in the US

Our yoga leggings come at a higher price point because quite simply, the best leggings in the world are made with the best fabric in the world.

The usual leggings you see on Amazon and Ebay that cost ten bucks just aren’t made to last, because real quality and craftsmanship comes at a higher cost.

All our yoga capris and leggings are non-see-though, moisture wicking, fast dry, four-way stretch, soft, breathable and squat proof.

So your butt will not be exploding through these leggings any time soon ;)

Wash Proof - Made with Sublimination

Designs first get printed onto paper, then transferred to fabric. During this process, the ink goes from being a solid to a gas and then back to solid again without passing through the liquid stage – so the ink will never come out of the fabric, no matter how many times you wash it!

Fair Paid Workers

We print and ship from the US -  not from some beat-up sweatshop in China that exploits workers so that some big companies can make a few extra bucks. Each one of our print and sewing wizards is paid a living wage, along with healthcare and medical insurance.

So when you shop with Real Yoga Gear, you’re supporting a sustainable manufacturing processes, local jobs AND earning some good karma at the same time!